My Abhinandan Educational And Welfare Society

Abhinandan with the Police
Driving positive transformation and reforming
police through multidisciplinary initiatives.
Abhinandan for Women
Aiding and educating women from the marginalized
and weaker communities to uplift them, both
economically and socially.
Abhinandan for Environment
Encouraging sustainable practices and policies
which reduces the unfavorable impact on the
environment and working towards its
Abhinandan with the Children
Working towards the welfare of vulnerable
children in the society and catalyzing positive
development through health, education,
and overall well being.
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We are dedicated to bringing positive impacts in society. Hence, we frequently conduct campaigns through offline and online mediums. Please check the details of our upcoming campaigns and how you can contribute

Abhinandan’s project, “Rehabilitation Of The Underprivileged In Building A Secure Future” focuses on uplifting the marginalized or poverty-stricken sections of the society

During induction, each cadet swears and allegiance to remain committed and make supreme sacrifice on the altar of the duty. Furthermore, police

Underprivileged children in the rural areas have a tremendous pressure of earning a livelihood due to which they have to drop out

An acid attack victim undergoes deeper damage than what is visible to the naked human eyes. Beyond physical disfigurement and agony, the

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“Volunteers are the compass that guides you through times of financial scarcity, proving their worth far beyond the reach of money.”

Support Our Ongoing Campaigns.

For the past 11 years, Abhinadan has been tirelessly working towards the upliftment and improvement of children, women, police, and the environment. Your contribution can make a big difference in the lives of many.
100% of your contribution our invested in our conducting Abhinandan’s campaigns. Our ongoing programs include rehabilitation of the lesser fortunate, supporting the families of police who have lost their lives on duty, and educational & welfare of the lesser privileged children.

112 Children Completed Formal Educational

232 Children Acquired Occupational Skills​

[ New professionals every year ]

Abhinandan raises/receives funds through corporate CSR initiatives, donations from individuals, or institutions, cash, and kind. Following are some of the initiative for which the funds donated by you are used:

1.Enrolment of students in school through regular counselling. months.
2.Helping underprivileged children in completing formal education.
3.Condcting sustained counselling sessions to keep children away from crimes.
4.Teaching vocational skills like mechanics, computer operating, carpentry, etc.
5.Offering assesment, care, and support to diseased or especially abled individuals.
6.Collaborating with physicians, therapists, and social workers to spread awareness against diseases.
7.Rehabilitating substance addicts and enabling their reintegration into society


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