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Addressing the Orphan Crisis in India: Challenges, Causes, and Hope for a Better Future

orphaned children in India

The situation of Orphan Crisis in India┬áis a big problem that affects many kids and their future. India is a very populous country with over 1.35 billion people, and among them, about 158.8 million are children below the age of 6. Shockingly, among these children, 30 million are orphans, which is a significant portion of India’s youth population. However, only a small number, around 370,000, are living in childcare institutions.


Several reasons contribute to this high number of orphans in India. Poverty is a major factor; many parents cannot afford to care for their children, so they abandon them. Additionally, some children escape from dangerous situations, adding to the orphaned population.

Orphan Crisis in India

The process of adopting a child in India is quite difficult and discouraging. For a child to be eligible for adoption, they need to be in an adoptive home or orphanage, officially categorized as “legally free for adoption.” Unfortunately, with only 370,000 orphans in such institutions, over 29 million orphans remain unavailable for adoption. Furthermore, most orphanages in India, approximately 91%, are not government-run, making them less visible to the public.


The adoption process in India is also challenging for prospective parents. They often face a lack of support and encounter delays and uncertainty throughout the referral process. The Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) lacks transparency and information sharing, adding to the frustrations of prospective parents. The entire adoption process can take up to three years, further discouraging potential adoptive parents.


The situation is especially perilous for orphaned children who end up living on the streets. They are vulnerable to various dangers, with trafficking being one of the most significant threats. Unprotected children become targets for exploitation, and while laws may theoretically protect them, there is often no physical protection, leaving them in a helpless situation.


According to the U.S. Department of State’s 2022 report on Trafficking in Persons, 47% of the trafficked individuals identified in India were children, with 59% of them being female. Girls are frequently sold as child brides, with many marrying before their 18th birthday. Boys are often forced into extremist groups, further highlighting the dangers faced by orphaned children.


Fortunately, efforts are underway to improve the situation for Orphan Crisis in India. Our NGO, My Abhinandan, has built several orphanages in India, rescuing many girls from sex trafficking, abusive homes, and refugee camps. We currently provide shelter for many orphans in India, with plans to increase that number in the future.


In conclusion, the situation of orphaned children in India is a heartbreaking and unfortunate reality. However, the efforts of charitable organisations like My Abhinandan offer hope for a better future for these vulnerable children. With continued support and awareness, we can work towards improving the lives of orphaned children in India and providing them with opportunities for a brighter future.


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