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Menstrual Camp For Sex Workers At Garstin Bastion Road, New Delhi

June 24, 2021

Menstrual Camp

Event Details – June 2021
Event Beneficiaries – 180

Garstin Bastion Road, commonly known as G.B. Road, stands as a bustling yet notorious locale in New Delhi, where thousands of sex workers grapple with a life confined within the walls of two to three-story buildings. For these women, the very structures that surround them become a prison, as they strive to overcome circumstances and pave the way for a brighter future for their children and the generations to come.

In this microcosm, the sex workers face not only the challenges of their profession but also the pervasive non-acceptance from the so-called “civilized” strata of society. One particular taboo that looms large is the negative association with menstruation. Discussions about this natural aspect of womanhood have perpetually been stigmatized within their community, further exacerbating their struggles. The socio-economic conditions prevalent among these workers and their young daughters contribute to a limited awareness, making it easier for them to sweep their menstrual needs under the carpet.

Their humble livelihoods render prioritizing menstrual hygiene a luxury, with many unable to afford even a single pack of sanitary napkins. In this stark reality, My Abhinandan emerged as a beacon of change, organizing a transformative menstrual camp in June 2021 at G.B. Road. This initiative aimed to empower 120 women and 50 young girls with the essential life skill of managing menstruation with dignity.

The participants, spanning from pubescent to perimenopausal age, received education not only on the significance of menstrual hygiene but also on practical solutions. A dedicated gynecologist played a pivotal role in counseling them about the importance of using sanitary napkins and introduced sustainable menstrual products that could be reused, offering a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative. This one-time investment not only ensures health and hygiene but also aligns with the broader goals of safety and sustainability.

Beyond merely imparting knowledge, the camp delved into the safe methods of menstrual product usage and waste disposal, ensuring a comprehensive understanding among the participants. My Abhinandan’s initiative went beyond the superficial aspects of charity, aiming for lasting impact by equipping these women with the tools and knowledge needed to break free from the chains of societal constraints.

In conclusion, the G.B. Road menstrual camp orchestrated by My Abhinandan stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and Women empowerment. By addressing a fundamental yet neglected aspect of women’s health, this initiative not only breaks the silence surrounding menstruation but also provides these sex workers with the means to reclaim control over their bodies and lives. In the face of societal stigmas, My Abhinandan’s efforts shine as a beacon of hope, inspiring positive change and fostering a future where no woman is shackled by her circumstances.


June 24, 2021
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