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Top 10 Indian NGOs for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Projects

NGO for CSR activities

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business model that helps companies be accountable to themselves, their stakeholders, and the public. By practicing CSR, companies understand how they affect society in terms of the economy, social aspects, and the environment. Having a CSR policy means that a company operates in a way that improves society and the environment.

Why is CSR important in India?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a crucial aspect of the Indian business environment. Companies are using their skills, resources, and networks to tackle social and environmental issues, leading to a notable positive impact on society. Numerous communities have benefited from these initiatives. The enactment of the Companies Act, 2013 by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, introduced CSR as a mandatory provision, offering some select categories of companies in India a legal requirement to be responsible for the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility’s Benefits

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is crucial for businesses to operate ethically, responsibly, and sustainably. By considering their impact on society, the environment, and stakeholders beyond financial profits, businesses can enhance their reputation, mitigate risks, attract and retain talent, and create long-term value for both the business and society as a whole.

The Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility for Corporations

The benefits of corporate social responsibility can greatly enhance a company’s reputation and even increase sales and customer loyalty. It also helps corporations build closer relationships with their employees and customers. There are four major types of CSR: Environmental responsibility, Ethical responsibility, Philanthropic responsibility, and Economic responsibility.

Top 10 Indian NGOs for CSR Projects

1. My Abhinandan

Established in 2011, My Abhinandan supports disadvantaged children’s education. During the past year, this foundation has provided support to thousands of children and their families. It is one of the best NGOs for CSR activities and CSR projects in India.

2. CRY (Child Rights and You)

CRY works hard to give India’s underprivileged children better and healthier childhoods. It is a great option for CSR funding in India and  CSR partnerships with NGOs.

3. Nanhi Kali

Nanhi Kali focuses on educating women and girls to improve India. It is one of the NGOs for CSR in India that focuses on gender equality.

4. HelpAge India

HelpAge India Established in New Delhi in 1978, this organisation mostly focuses on elderly care and assists them in raising their standard of living. It is a great example of NGOs’ corporate social responsibility.

5. Prerana

Pretana Established in 1986, Prerana works to end intergenerational prostitution and to protect women and children from the threats of human trafficking. It is one of the CSR NGOs in India that focuses on human rights.

6. Teach For India

Teach For India Founded in 2008, Teach For India is a movement of 900 Fellows teaching 33,000 children and 4,500+ Alumni who are collectively reaching 50 million children across India. It is a great option for CSR NGO partnerships.

7. Tata Trusts

Tata Trusts One of the oldest philanthropic organisations in India, Tata Trusts works in several areas including health, education, and rural upliftment. It plays a significant role of NGOs in CSR.

8. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation This foundation works in the areas of health, development, and policy advocacy in India. It is one of the best NGOs for CSR activities and CSR projects in India.

9. Nitya Foundation

The Nitya Foundation works in the areas of education, healthcare, and women’s empowerment. It is a great option for CSR funding in India and  CSR partnerships with NGOs.

10. GiveIndia

GiveIndia is a donation platform that allows you to support a cause of your choice from about 200 NGOs that have been scrutinized for transparency and credibility. It is one of the NGOs for CSR in India that focuses on a wide range of causes.

These NGOs have been doing phenomenal work in their respective fields and have made significant contributions to society. They serve as the perfect partners for corporations looking to fulfill their CSR activities. 

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