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About Us – 

Abhinandan was conceived in the year 2011 by a group of like minded people from all walks of life. These individuals laid the foundation of Abhinandan as an educational and welfare society. The intent behind Abhinandan is to empower and uplift the underprivileged sections of the society by offering them equitable opportunities of sustenance and livelihoods. 

Our work is mainly focused on the parallels of Police Development, Women Empowerment, Child Welfare, and Environment Conservation. 

Abhinandan penetrates into the economic, social, and religious divides of the surrounding communities to generate scenarios for women where they can create value, become decision makers, enhance their hygiene, health, economic condition, status, and dignity in the society. We strive to offer an environment to the vulnerable children where they feel heard, safe, and have impartial opportunities to brighten up their future. We drive positive transformation and reform police at the constabulary levels through our multidisciplinary initiatives. Last but never the least, we work towards environment preservation by encouraging sustainable practices and policies that reduce the unfavorable impact.

Abhinandan raises/receives funds through corporate CSR initiatives, donations from individuals, or institutions, cash, and kind. Following are some of the initiative for which the funds donated by you are used:

1. Enrolment of students in school through regular counselling. months.
2. Helping underprivileged children in completing formal education.
3. Condcting sustained counselling sessions to keep children away from crimes.
4. Teaching vocational skills like mechanics, computer operating, carpentry, etc.
5. Offering assesment, care, and support to diseased or especially abled individuals.
6. Collaborating with physicians, therapists, and social workers to spread awareness against diseases.
7. Rehabilitating substance addicts and enabling their reintegration into society

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