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Human Population Planning and Skill Development in India

skill development ngo in India

Human population planning is the practice of managing the growth rate of a human population. This practice has been used historically to limit the rate of population growth, especially in countries that struggle with overpopulation, poverty, and environmental degradation.


India’s Population Scenario


With an estimated population of 1.43 billion in 2023, India is among the most populous countries in the world. India’s population growth rate has dropped from 2.36% in 1974 to 0.81% in 2023, due to various factors such as better health care, education, family planning, and female empowerment. However, India still has the problems of high fertility, low female literacy, gender inequality, and regional differences in population dynamics.


Skill Development as a Solution


One of the methods that India can use to control its population growth and achieve a stable and sustainable population is by encouraging skill development among its youth and women. Skill development is the process of improving the abilities and competencies of individuals to enable them to participate in the economic and social development of the country. Skill development NGO can enhance the employability, productivity, and income of the people, as well as reduce poverty, inequality, and dependency.


My Abhinandan: An NGO for Skill Development

Human Population Planning

My Abhinandan is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to enhancing lives through skill development in India. We offer diverse training programs in sectors like agriculture, healthcare, hospitality, beauty, fashion, information technology, and entrepreneurship. Our support includes career guidance, placement assistance, mentoring, and networking opportunities. Our vision is to empower individuals for a brighter future, contributing to India’s social and economic progress.


My Abhinandan’s Role in Controlling Population Growth


My Abhinandan NGO plays a pivotal role in curbing India’s population growth. We provide quality education and skill development opportunities, especially for women and girls, enabling them to make informed choices about reproductive health and family planning. By boosting their employability and income potential, we foster financial independence and social empowerment, reducing vulnerability and dependence. This contribution helps India harness the demographic dividend, promoting economic growth through a productive working-age population.


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