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Police Department

Police Department

Police Department

Vertical – Police Department


Campaign –  Betterment of  Police who have lost their lives on the line of duty


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Description –  Each police cadet, upon induction, solemnly pledges unwavering devotion to their duties and readiness to make the ultimate sacrifice. In the face of medical emergencies, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and other crises, the police stand as the first line of defense, bravely protecting citizens. Tragically, since Independence, 37,580 police officers have lost their lives while performing their duties, leaving behind grieving families and communities.


As responsible Indian citizens, it is not enough to merely pay respects, praise, or remember their martyrdom. Abhinandan NGO recognizes this imperative and takes proactive steps to support the families of fallen police officers. The NGO’s initiatives encompass psychological, economical, and social rehabilitation for these bereaved families.


Abhinandan’s psychological support programs extend counseling and emotional assistance to help families cope with their immense loss and grief. Through financial aid, the NGO strives to alleviate the economic hardships that may arise after the loss of a loved one in the line of duty. Additionally, Abhinandan actively engages in social rehabilitation efforts to ensure that these families feel supported, respected, and integrated into society.


By taking concrete actions to assist and uplift the families of fallen police officers, Abhinandan honors their sacrifices and ensures that their legacy lives on in the hearts of a grateful nation. Together, as a united community, we can express our profound gratitude and solidarity with those who have given everything to protect and serve us.


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