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Child Welfare

Child Welfare

Vertical –  Child Welfare 


Campaign –  Art Competition For Children At India Gate Lawns, New Delhi 


Event Details – 15th December 


Event Beneficiaries – 2000 children


Description –  Given the high regard that today’s society holds towards educational and extracurricular excellence, it is only inherent for children to feel highly pressured. The students who are unable to match these expectations are often looked down upon. This is one of the probable reasons why we witness increased cases of depression or even suicidal tendencies in kids these days. Hence, it becomes extremely imperative to consistently create opportunities of emotional outlet for children where they are empowered with the ability to express themselves. 


As art is believed to be the ultimate form of self-expression, Abhinandan organized an art camp for children at the India Gate lawns, New Delhi. This art camp was attended by around 2000 children from a lot of reputed schools across the city. To motivate the children to continue this practice of self-expression, the chief guest felicitated the children with gifts and certificates.           

Note: Let us call it an art camp and not a competition to attach a positive connotation to the campaign


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